Breast Health Summit 

October 28, 2019 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM |  Norris Center, Houston TX


Scholarship Guidelines


Available registration scholoarships are limited, please apply early.


This program is available to assist healthcare professionals, survivors, and advocates in attending the Breast Health Summit to increase their knowledge of breast health. Each scholarship recipient will be required to share new breast health knowledge with their organization and/or community. Scholarships are given to individuals.





  1. What are the Scholarship Program’s requirements?

    All applicants must complete a scholarship application

    If granted a scholarship, recipients must complete the requirements below. Failure to return all forms will result in loss of scholoarship. 


  2. Requirements once notified of acceptance of scholarship application:

    • Scholarship acceptance form to be returned within 1 week of notification.

    • Attend all Breast Health Summit events. Attendees must check in at the main registration table to verify attendance.

    • All applications will be submitted online through the BHCTexas website.

  3. What are the eligibility criteria?

     Individuals who are undergoing financial hardship and/or work for a nonprofit organization are eligible to apply. Due to the limited number of Scholarships, there is a limit of 2 scholarships awarded per organization.  All attendees must complete a post event survey. Fairlure to do so will prevent consideration of future scholarships.                                                                                                  

  4. What do scholarship funds apply to?

    Scholarship funds applys to Registration Fees Only:

    • Registration for CHWs, CFm is $85. Registration for nurses and social workers is $115.

    • Registration cost includes CEUs.

  5. What is the timeline to apply?

    • Registration scholarship applications: Accepted through August 10, 2019.

    • Applicant is notified by August 15, 2019.

    • Applicant Scholarship acceptance form is due by August  25, 2019.                                                                                        

  6. How is the scholarship application reviewed?
    The Breast Health Summit Scholarship Program Committee reviews the applications using the established guidelines. The Committee makes recommendations on applications and funding amounts. Recommendations are approved by majority vote at Committee meetings. The Committee recommendations are submitted to the Breast Health Collaborative of Texas Executive Director for review and approval.


  7. How will scholarship payments be made?
    Registration fees (if applicable) will be waived.